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Narwhale.io has become one of the most famous iO multiplayer online games these days. It is a combat between creatures of a new species looking like the normal whales with a horn on the forehead. In which, you have to fight, survive and be the top player by cutting the opponents into two parts as fast as possible before they do the same for you. And you know, there are a large number of people visit Narwhale-io.org to enjoy this amazing game for free. Not only that, they also come here to check the updates, the latest news, tips, guides, and other stuff. To avoid any confusion that can happen and disturb to you, other persons, and even us, the administrator set the terms to control every bad situation.

At Narwhale-io.org, the terms and conditions of use are critical for everyone once they want to explore any information. Terms are also important for you when you’d like to visit a website and use any content shown on that site. And thus, learning more about terms is the necessary and initial step that you should do. Once you master terms and conditions of use on our website, you can keep away from breaking rules. Let’s spend a little time to take a look at these terms now!

Terms of Narwhale-io.org

These are the terms that users and viewers should obey when visiting Narwhale-io.org. They include the simplest rules such as:

  • You are recommended not to change or remove the content or anything on this website because it is created for the general use.
  • Next, either we or the third parties will not ensure the amount and standard of the content which are known as appropriateness, completion, and the accuracy. So, you, users and visitors, have to consent and take the responsibility for what you use on Narwhale-io.org.
  • There are many significant elements that owned by us consisting of the layout, content, graphic, design and others. And, you have not any right to copy them. If you deliberately violate this rule, your action will be considered as unlawful piracy.
  • Finally, if you make any copy from the logos which are possessed by the operator, your violation will be revised seriously.

After you recognize the importance of these terms, you will not get trouble which results in damages for our website. Every bad behavior such as destroying or unsanctioned use will be noticed as responsibility. Hence, we advise you should read the terms and conditions of use cautiously.