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About is a massively browser-based MMO shooter game that you can explore and enjoy online for free. In the new battlefield, you will control a spaceship and take part in a survival combat where you compete against other players to be the top winner. Try to act carefully and wisely to reach the goal in the shortest time! The own ship is armed with a powerful cannon which is used to attack and shoot down the target. Just aim and launch deadly shots at anybody in sight to remove them. In some cases, you can speed up. While fighting with the antagonist in, you’d better defend yourself by avoiding all of the asteroids and even the borders. Also, don’t let anyone push you into these items or your journey will end in an instant. It is also a good idea for you to beat the foe. Let’s play and gain the highest score right now!


Use the mouse to direct, left click to shoot, right click to speed up.

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