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About is an awesome and fun massively browser-based MMO action game for all to play free online. You can find something similar to and in the new challenge. Take control of a strange strong man and show up the own ability to beat all of the opponents so as to climb up to the highest position in the rankings. You also need to gain the top score. Don’t worry! The point will belong to you once you are successful in clearing the other players. Move around the playing field and collect some food or fruits to prepare for the upcoming attack. Indeed, they are not simple. They are the main weapons that you will use to throw at the target and eliminate them. Be careful! Avoid every assault to survive! Not only that, you will have a temporary stat boost when you eat those supplies. The mini-map located at the right bottom corner is necessary to keep track every movement. Are you ready to take part in the fight and win? Good luck!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move, the left mouse to throw food, the right mouse to eat food.

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