Begods Online

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About Begods Online:

Begods Online is one of the top MMO games that you can play free online with a lot of peoples around the world. It is a massive battlefield set in space. Start off the new challenge with a round spaceship and take the role of an aggressive alien. Engage a brutal combat and fight against every opponent existing throughout the map. Roam around the Galaxy and collect valuable ores along with minerals to gain experience or score to spend on upgrades later. Indeed, the best tactic that you can apply in the battle is to farm as many points as possible to level up and get stronger faster. Aside from harvesting the resources, don’t forget to build the solar system and defend it. If they become bigger, your power will be improved. The power-ups dropped after you remove the others will help you develop the database. Black holes are useful for you to slip through locations. Trophies are effective to hide from the antagonist’s radar. Let’s enjoy and dominate the leaderboard now!


Use the mouse to take control of your spaceship.

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