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About Mods: is another free online multiplayer game that can get you addicted and keep you glued for hours! If you are a big fan of io games online, you must join this one and add it to your list as well. The gameplay of is very funny and unique. Instead of controlling a tiny cell or a tiny snake, which is what you have experienced in or, now, you will play as a narwhale trying to dominate the whole ocean. Carefully roam around the game arena and try your hardest to kill the opponent narwhales controlled by the real players. You must pierce them by using your deadly horn and split them in half. Each enemy you kill will bring you a new level, meaning your skills will be greatly improved, like stamina boosting, stronger horn or even a faster speed. Do not crash into the opponents directly, or else you will have to fly backward. Keep an eye on the surroundings, stay alert to the enemies and try to become the most powerful narwhale on the leaderboard. Enjoy online game now! Mods



Use the mouse to take control of your narwhale and move around in the game arena

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