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About Zomzom.io:

Zomzom.io is one of the latest tower defense 2d shooter .io games. It is inspired by the style of Moomoo.io. Play free online the multiplayer mode with other people around the world. Compete against or cooperate with them if you want. The mission is to become the top player as soon as possible. To achieve the goal, you need to eliminate robbers along with their companion, scary zombies. Do not let them bite or steal! They will make you fail quickly. Avoid or attack them if necessary. Especially, after you spawn, you are very vulnerable. Try to survive until you are enough strong! In Zomzom.io, do not forget to collect food, mine resources, and buy ammunition. They will be harvested from bushes, trees, and rocks. Aside from that, you can craft the weapon and equipment including traps, turrets, and so on. Place them down around the house to prevent the enemy. Start to select the room now!


Press WASD to move, left click to attack.

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