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About Zombs.io:

Inspired by Moomoo.io, Zombs.io is an addictive free for all online multiplayer Io game that you should ignore. You are stranded in the world in which you have to figure out the best strategies to defend yourself for survival as well as create an empire for your own. So, you also need to build up something great to complete that goal. You should start to place down the Gold Stash and construct a base and improve it after that. When the night falls, zombies will appear to hunt down you. You can set up turrets or walls or towers to stop them before they invade, destroy, and kill you. Aside from the fight against the enemy, you are recommended to harvest stone, wood or other resources. Also, Gold Mines are important to generate gold which is spent on upgrades for items. Do not forget to protect them! Let’s play and experience more! Good luck!


Hit the arrow or WASD keys to move, E to upgrade, T to sell, Shift + Alt to all upgrades, Q for the weapon, B to open the shop and buy upgrades, P to check the party menu. Use the mouse to rotate, left click to attack, collect and build.

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