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About Wanderers.io:

Wanderers.io is an extremely exciting RPG survival game. Play the role of a leader and command a wandering tribe. Guide your people and give them a hand so they can gather natural resources and thrive. You will begin your journey with two simple members consisting of an axe and a bow wielder. They are eager and ready to collect wood or hunt animals in the wild for food. With the resources that they bring back, you will use them to create more people and research better abilities. You can build units such as woodcutters, missionaries, or miners. Besides, there are tons of upgrades waiting for you to unlock. To find appropriate areas used to farm and search for meat, you need to move around. Remember to keep an eye on other opponents because they can suddenly attack you! Try to survive and you will have a great chance to earn high ranking and dominate the map!


Use the left mouse button to interact with characters.

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