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It’s possible for you to enjoy the new 2d shooter game on your phones or on your computer without cost. Play Free For All with multiple enemies in the same arena at a time. In which, you will be able to show your own shooting ability and dominate the highest position in the ranking as well as become the best player. Grab your gun and put on a special outfit before you embark on your job. The atmosphere of the environment that you are about to discover can cause serious damage to your lungs. Step your way and remember to observe the surroundings in order to prevent every attack before it’s too late. You must survive and collect as many kills as you can if you’d like to conquer the top spot. Do not ignore walls because they are safe temporary hiding places! They can block bullets from hitting you. Be careful! Do not approach barrels since they can explode when they are blasted! Good luck!


Use WASD to move around, the mouse to aim and shoot.

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