Treasure arena

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About Treasure arena:

Treasure arena is free to play online against multiple players at Treasure arena mods can be found here, too. Treasure arena is the combination of retro-inspired arcade action and objective-based arena shooters. It is an intense battle in which you need to collect ad steal loot from the enemy to win. Everything will occur very fast. Besides, it is the funny experience that you should not ignore. Monsters and other opponents overrun in every corner of Treasure arena. Therefore, you’d better watch out your back when you are fighting or moving. To enter the real combat to defeat everyone, you ought to pick a character. Unlike free io games, there are a lot of weapons scattered across each map in Treasure arena, for example, bows, magic staffs,bombs, rockets and much more. They are effective to help you remove the target quickly. In addition to this, you can own various special abilities like force barrier, fire storm, lightning arrow, blizzard, or fiery avenger. Let’s unlock all of them now! Have fun!

Use WASD to move, the mouse to attack.


Use WASD to move, the mouse to attack.

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