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About Swordz.io:

Swordz.io is an RPG multiplayer game based on the Agar.io style. Engage a combat and play against all of the players on the map. The main aim is to become the first one who can dominate the leaderboard with the most kill and the highest score. You and other people will be given a sword, the primary weapon during the journey. You should learn how to master them as soon as possible to obtain the best result. Roam around the world swing and launch the attack properly to remove the target and gain extra points. Meanwhile, try to defend yourself and survive! In Swordz.io, you are able to strike green and red characters. They will bring back to you more experience and increase the chance to level up. Not only that, everything you have will let the equipment grow longer and bigger. It is amazing because you can win and stay alive easier. Have fun!


Press WASD to move, left mouse to attack, right mouse to dash.

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