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About is a free online strategy game. Enter a battlefield and fight against other opponents to conquer the top spot! With a large selection of elite units that you receive, you can use them to destroy the target and become the most powerful man. Each kill will allow you to increase the chance to level up as well as unlock amazing upgrades. Additionally, you can obtain several advanced troops such as Harpy and Gladiator or super equipment like the giant flying battleship and Ion Cannon. You will begin with Javelin (artillery) or Manta (air fighter). Note that each team will have only a limited amount of supply. If it goes 0, tower defenses will automatically explode and the command center will be in danger. You are recommended to cooperate with other friends to prevent every attack or you will die quickly. Are you ready to join and wipe out the enemy? Good luck!


Press WASD to move, right click to control alternate guns, left click to fire primary weapons, number keys to choose abilities. Scroll to zoom.

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