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About Spheroids.xyz:

Spheroids.xyz is a cool MMO 2D shooter game taking place in space. In which, you will have to attempt to take control of a no gravity playing field. It’s pretty important because your action will be affected a lot. Start off the new combat with a small dot which is equipped with a laser rifle. Utilize the given weapon to attack and destroy other players. Aside from that, it’s also useful for you to farm moons roaming around in order to collect the orange substance used to charge the gun and increase the own score. In Spheroids.xyz, you can get some troubles while moving and changing the direction. A booster will allow you to direct. You should act carefully to avoid colliding with the obstacle too many times. Indeed, crashing will bring back to you many unexpected results. additionally, black holes are dangerous. Stay away from those traps for survival. Play and see if how long you will take over the leaderboard! Good luck!


Use Spacebar to boost in the direction of the mouse cursor. Press W to shoot.

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