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About is a 2d space shooter game where you are able to turn all of the asteroids and the enemy’s ships into dust easily. Engage an interesting combat along with multiple players around the world and show up the own abilities to beat every opponent as well as take over the leaderboard quickly. Remember to defend yourself from every danger or you cannot reach the goal you expect! You should fly around the map and collect everything which is effective to upgrade your spaceship before the others steal them. Not only that, you can gather several additional devices and even weapons. They will make your vehicle better. Additionally, missiles and the plasma gun are actually helpful. Do not get close to anybody who is more powerful then you or you can get some serious troubles. By conquering the round and possessing the largest spacecraft, you will win. Let’s play and share with friends now! Have fun!


Use the mouse to fly around, Space to speed up more, LMB to shoot, RMB to control the additional weapon.

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