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About is one of the top multiplayer io games inspired by Slither style. in the new environment, you will have the chance to encounter tons of colorful snakes at once. They are also the enemy that you need to kill if you want to rank up or dominate or even become the King. Firstly, you will be asked to gain mass and grow longer. Like the original, the passive food will be spawned continuously at random and they will be scattered across the playfield. Just wander around the surroundings and you can collect tons of energy from them. Next, you can embark on hunting some targets when you feel more comfortable. By using strategies and tips, you can push close to the prey and cut them off surprisingly. What they leave will be extremely tasty and nutritious. Do not ignore eating their remains because they will boost your progress quickly! Have much fun!


Press WASD or arrow keys to move around the map.

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