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About Snakes3d:

Snakes3d is an amazing MMO game related to the style. Start the new adventure, explore the world of snakes and move smoothly over a surface with a twisting motion. Play against other online people and try your best to conquer the leaderboard as soon as possible. Take control of a tiny limbless reptile and you should get longer quickly by eating food orbs scattered across the map and swallowing the mass of slain opponents after you or other kills them with the tail. Their energy will give the chance to grow the mass. Aside from that, you’d better keep an eye on everything around you to manage and find the appropriate solution for survival. Boosting is exciting. But, remember to master speed. While roaming, avoid rocks. Crashing into these obstacles will bring to you a bad ending. Let’s share with your friends and experience the journey together now! Good luck!


Use the arrow keys or the right mouse to move, Spacebar to speed up.

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