Shooting Heads

- in Multiplayer Games

About Shooting Heads:

Shooting Heads is a simple and amazing 2D shooter game where you are able to battle against a huge number of the enemies coming from many different countries all over the real world in a massive platform-type arena. The mission that you need to do during the challenge is to become the top player. To take over the highest position in the rankings is not an easy job. Before you embark on the new combat, you should pick out the skin and two guns that you like most. Enter the nickname and choose the room you want to join later. Once you accept to step into the playing field, you must manage wisely to defend yourself as well as eliminate the foe quickly. The best tactic that you can apply is to jump around and move a lot. These actions are useful and effective for you to avoid bullets and survive. Also, the enemy will have a hard time to kill you. Good luck!


Use WASD keys to move, the left mouse to shoot, Q to switch the weapon.

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