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About is one of the best 2D shooter games that allow you drive and fire at a time. Become a gangster and try to show up your power along with available abilities in order to remove objects, kill other people, and dominate the top spot. Instead of walking, look for a car and drive it throughout every corner in the city. Explore areas and avoid being attacked for survival. While you are moving, you will be able to pick up a lot of items which bring back many different power-ups such as weapons and health kits. With the gear that you obtain along the way, you can increase the chance to survive and win. They consist of powerful equipment, for example, machine gun, sniper, rocket launcher, flamethrower, shotgun, and pistol. Aside from that, you can place walls to cover yourself and block incoming bullets. You’d better find some allies and create a team. Good luck!


Hit LMB to fire, RMB to place walls, Shift to sprint, Space to collect items or get in the car.

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