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Inspired by the classic, is the new version with a lot of amazing features. mods are also being added to provide to players a great experience. What you are going to explore relates to a battle between two factions. In which, you are the commander of the own force. The mission that you need to complete at all costs is to sink ten ships of the enemy before they have the chance to do the same for you. During the sea-fight, you will have not any way to protect or defend your ships from their attacks. But, you can act wisely to locate their correct position first. Before you press the button to boot this fight, you will have the time to arrange everything. If you collect the highest score, you will dominate the leaderboard. To exchange the information with the opponent, you can click the chat button at the top of the screen. is one of the free io games you should play right now! The game has been updated to August 25, 2016. Let’s share with your buddies and enjoy this challenge!

Use the mouse to arrange locate the enemy’s ships.


Use the mouse to arrange locate the enemy's ships.

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