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About is a fun Io game in which you will have a great moment when taking part in a challenging battle against other people all over the world. Become a fighter with a spear in hands, you need to beat every opponent existing on the map in order to collect the most kill, gain the highest score, eat a large amount of food, survive for a long time and finally conquer the top spot in the rankings. To complete objectives, you should consider before you act. You can roam around the playing field and consume colored hexagons first to grow the weapon in size. That brings back to you a useful advantage to attack and destroy the target faster. But, you do not try to get close to any stronger guy or you can die. Once you select the prey, you can speed up and impale them. To recharge your boost, just gather more mass. Let’s enjoy and share with your friends now!


Use the mouse to move, left click to boost.

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