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About Rocketblitz:

Rocketblitz is a cool multiplayer web-based shooter game in which you will play against other people around the world. The mission of you in the new combat is to become the first player who captures the most planets, build the strongest structures as well as destroy all of the enemy’s ships in the shortest time. In the 2D space that you have stepped into, you will fly with your spaceship and control it skillfully to complete every objective above. You do not experience the challenge alone. As a member of a team, you need to attempt to cooperate with other friends to defeat the foe and conquer the goal. If you just begin as a guest, you will only receive one type of the spacecraft equipped with a default rocket launcher. In case you sign up, you will possess several kinds consisting of a mini-gun. Even though whatever you select, you must finish your job excellently. Good luck!


Use WASD keys to move, Spacebar to shoot.

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