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About Pockey.io:

Pockey.io is a fun MMO sports game which is inspired by the pool or air hockey. Play free online against multiple opponents and become the champion as soon as possible! From the mentioned combination, you will be able to experience an addictive match in which you compete against friends or random players. Choose the color you like most and you embark on your job. The main aim that you need to finish is to pot the rival’s pockyballs in the pockets. Each of balls will bring back 1 point while you will obtain 2 if you hit the puck in the opposing goal. When you drain 7 scores from their HP bar, you will become the one who conquers the round. Every challenge will consist of best-of-three. If you do not want to enjoy with friends, you can invite them by sending the room link. Besides, you should visit the inventory. Good luck!


Use the mouse to aim, set the power, and shoot.

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