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About Pikes.io:

Pikes.io is one of the funniest .io games on the list. Explore another classic match with a special character and fight against tons of enemies all over the real world. Kill as many opponents as possible to rank up, grow the weapon, and dominate the best position on the leaderboard! Enter the map and roam your way. You can choose to gradually level up or play aggressively if you want. At the beginning, you should roam carefully and pick up idle squares quickly to improve your score. Collecting pieces will help you make the boost bar full. When you encounter somebody whose pike has the same size, you can rush and cause the death of that player. If he falls down and disappears, your item will get longer. Watch out! The one who owns the better tool can remove you easily. Avoid and run away from them for survival! Let’s enjoy and win!


Control the character with your mouse. Press left click or Space to boost.

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