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About Pie.Ai:

Pie.Ai is a great free for all multiplayer online Agario style game. Explore another fun combat set in a large and dangerous world along with other players. The main objective is to become the top winner. You need to survive, beat the opponent, gain the highest score and occupy the highest position in the rankings. After you spawn, you should act carefully to keep yourself safe from the enemy’s attack. Try to unlock the skill point in order to increase and improve the own power with the armor! Be wary! The AI drones in Pie.Ai will fly after you and drop cherry bombs unrelentingly. Do not stand in the jam! If you are damaged, you are able to eat the healing pie or jump into the hole where you can regenerate the lost energy. Once you allow your health to reduce, you will turn you into the prey for everybody, especially for the bigger ones! Good luck!


Use the mouse to move and eat.

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