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About Ovrmind.io:

Ovrmind.io online multiplayer is the new io game on Narwhale-io.org. Ovrmind.io mods will be completed to meet the needs of players in the fastest time. While waiting for the best extensions, you can come back and explore the challenge in Ovrmind.io for free. Ovrmind.io provides to players two modes, Team Freematch and FFA Freematch. The goal will depend on the game mode that you choose. As free io games, if you play against all of the opponents, you have to kill them to stay alive and win. If you cooperate with other members, you should work together to wipe out the enemy for the final victory. In Ovrmind.io, you will drive a unique spaceship like a frog. Fly around the arena to find the target and place four available spells at the appropriate position to remove the foe. Each of them needs time to recharge. During that stage, you should fire the ammo that you have to defend yourself. Are you ready? Embark on the combat, upgrade your ship regularly and beat the top spot! Good luck!

Use WASD to move, the mouse to fire, 1-4 to activate spells,


Use WASD to move, the mouse to fire, 1-4 to activate spells,

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