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About Orn.io:

Pick the skin you want and play free online the new Orn.io multiplayer Io game with tons of opponents! The challenge is set in a 3D environment where you will move around with a rolling ball. Explore the world your way and dominate the leaderboard as soon as possible. Similar to the Agario style, you need to eat a large amount of food to grow in size. They are colored dots which are randomly scattered across the map. Not only that, you are able to split. Try to find a safe area to do that or you can get some serious troubles! However, you should stay away from every larger guy or they can kill you in an instant. Additionally, do not let anybody push you in the corner. Avoid colliding with spikes or they will break your body into pieces and drain your point. Rotate, look around and defend yourself in every dangerous situation! Good luck!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Space or the left mouse to split, the mouse to rotate.

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