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About Orbs.It:

Orbs.It is a multiplayer online game in the Agario style set in space where you and other 8 players will compete against each other to control all of the 24 current orbs. Once you achieve the mission, you can dominate the rankings and become the top winner easily. You are able to choose an item by clicking on it. And you will start with what you have selected. From the spawning point, you will depart and roam around the playing field. Find the prey and shoot down them as fast as possible. Try to quickly own something if you do not want to be knocked out! Additionally, remember to stay away from every dangerous situation for survival because the last survivor is the one occupying the highest spot. There are two effective power-ups comprising a super bomb and a shield. They can blast away the foe and protect you from every attack. Let’s play and explore more!


Use the left mouse to choose the orb and shoot, X to activate the super bomb, C to control the shield.

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