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About is an addictive and fun Io game where you will be able to play free online with tons of other opponents around the world. You start the challenge with a Nibbler called Tidepip. However, that is not the single character that you will take control. There are still several animals. However, they are unlocked. You should collect enough food to use all. Enter a large playing field and roam around to eat as much as possible. At the moment, do not forget to dodge every shot from the enemy to survive. With the ammo you have, you can counterattack and eliminate the foe. The mission that you accomplish in is to become the top player who takes over the rankings. Each time you fill the experience bar at the bottom of the screen, you will level up and evolve. Let’s engage the adventure and see if how long you will win!


Use the mouse to move, left click or Space to shoot.

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