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About is an addicting fun browser-based multiplayer online Io game. Although it is as same as Pacman, it is better. You will have two choices to start the challenge. You can pick the team that you like most to experience. So, join the Ghost or the PAC-MAN group. Everybody has just explored with the yellow dot eater. But, you should come with your friends if you want to go with scary characters. For the human faction, you will move around the playing field in order to pick up and consume the green dots and earn points. You can drop a blinding item to make the chaser confused. If you absorb a pill, you will be able to take the revenge on the enemy and hunt down them back. For the other clan, you are recommended to chase guys and steal their score. Additionally, break the wall and surprise the prey. When you swallow the medicine, you will reach the higher position on the scoreboard and obtain several extra breaker items. Hope you enjoyed!


Use the arrow keys to move around the map.

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