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Perform your shooting skill for free in the new game and conquer the challenge in the first place as soon as possible! Choose the nearest server and set your username before joining the real combat. In which, you can travel around a large land along with tons of enemies at once. You’d better learn and master all of the basic controls to keep you safe from attacks of the foe and destroy them. Rooms are made of platforms and you can jump on them or use them as a cover to block incoming hits. While you are trying to rank up, do not ignore power-ups, for example, ammo boxes or shields. You must survive for a long time until you achieve victory. Aside from the gun, you can throw grenades and switch weapons that you have already picked up. Especially, you can be invisible for a few seconds. Good luck!


Use WASD to walk and jump, E to throw a grenade, C to lie down, LMB to shoot. Scroll to change weapons (if available).

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