Little Big Snake

- in Multiplayer Games

About Little Big Snake:

Little Big Snake is one of the best multiplayer online io games inspired by Slither style. Discover a new lair, the sweet home of tons of scary creatures and get ready to play solo against all of the enemies or work together with friends. You will depart from the spawning point with a tiny snake. What you should implement at the beginning is to stick out tongue and absorb every glimmering orb. They are one of the main food sources alongside the remains of slain players. Both of them are helpful for you to gain more mass and grow longer. Additionally, you will have enough ability to boost. Speeding up is essential if you want to run away or chase or set traps. Like rules of the original, you are able to coil or cut off the prey. Furthermore, note that you can kill bigger guys if you master those strategies. Do not crash into rocks or tails! If you die, do not do not be sad because you can enter another stage called Juja’s game where you will fly, collect nectar, destroy slugs and other jujas. Let’s play, win the top spot, and unlock other interesting items now!


Use the mouse to navigate, left click to boost your speed.

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