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About is a brand new Io game set in space. In the large playing field, you will play with a lot of opponents. The main aim is to become the first player who takes over the scoreboard. You will take control of a strange sphere and move around the map with that item your way. However, you should remember that you are joining in a survival combat. Thus, try to shoot down all of the memes that you encounter in order to gain the high point. Not only that, the food you collect will help you increase in size in the short time. You are recommended to fire accurately to get the better result. Also, you can raise the level and surpass everybody later. It’s pretty easy to make the attack stronger! But, do not place yourself in any dangerous situation when you are still weak and small. Let’s check out your shooting ability for free now!


Use the mouse 1 to fire and hold it to make the attack stronger. Control the mouse 2 to boost.

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