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About Jukegame.io:

Jukegame.io is an interesting multiplayer game in the .iO list. Take part in a cool and funny challenge with other opponents and work together with your team in order to capture the enemy’s flag. Once you own that item, you will win. You can play in the red or the blue group. The mission that you are going to accomplish is not simple since you will have to face tons of dangerous traps along the way. While trying to keep you safe from those obstacles, you can be distracted and do not pay attention to the one who is defending their object. Besides, there are plenty of power-ups in Jukegame.io. Pick them up and you will receive several exciting temporary abilities such as a sword, a shield, or a rollerblade. Not only that, you are able to sacrifice by getting close to the dragon nearby and burn yourself. Next, run and touch other players to kill them. Good luck!


Use WASD or arrows to move, E to select the superpower (coming soon).

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