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About HexSweep.io:

HexSweep.io game brings a cool real-time battle in which you will play against multiple opponents all over the world. If you are looking for a classic Window challenge of minesweeper, do not ignore the competition that you are about to join. It will allow you to complete it on a large scale. You and everybody on the map will have to learn how to control the own territory. Additionally, you should expand your land by finding and identifying spaces or mines correctly. After you enter the room, you will start with tiles having Value 0. It means that there are no bombs around and you are able to reveal every slot next to it. If you see a block with 1, that does not have any neighboring explosives. It has a single unrevealed neighbor which must be an extremely dangerous item. Keep calm! You can mark it with a flag. Aside from that, defend your hexagons from robbers. Good luck!


Use LMB to reveal a hexagon, RMB to mark with flags.

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