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About is an awesome online strategy game in which you can find something similar to the style of the classic category. You will play as a man who is armed with a sword. Take part in a brutal combat and get ready to destroy as many people as possible. Try your best to achieve the highest score, the most kill, and survive for a long time! Every element that has been mentioned will help you climb up to the top spot on the leaderboard without difficulty. Firstly, you can roam throughout the map to pick up colored orbs which allow you to make the weapon longer. From that, you can get stronger. However, you should attack anything or anybody surrounding before they attack you. If you can eliminate them, do not forget to consume what they leave. In some situations, speed up. Let’s start and see if how long you will become the King!


Use the mouse to move around the map, left click or Space to swing, right click or W to rush.

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