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About is a fun-addicting free for all game inspired by and Explore another mysterious world with a frog and fight against every enemy to become the biggest player who can take over the top spot and achieve the highest score. Enter a large and dangerous map to embark on the battle with hundreds of opponents at once. You need to jump around carefully to eat flies and enlarge. Aside from that, you can attack others in the surroundings and consume their remains to grow in size as well as improve your score. Besides, earning enough coins is also necessary to buy and unlock skins. You will have the chance to experience daily quests and weekly tournaments. Not only that, invite buddies and play against each other to conquer the “FRIENDS” leaderboard. If you want to win the crown faster, do not forget to refer initial tutorial images on the starting screen. They will bring back lots of useful tips. Good luck!


Use the left mouse to hop around the map.

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