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About is a fantastic 2d shooter game like Become the last survivor and you will dominate the leaderboard! But, do not forget that you are fighting against tons of opponents all over the world. Keep calm! You will find out the best strategy to deal with those people and climb up to the position that you want. You are recommended to equip yourself with effective perks, weapons, and outfits which will help you defend your life as well as beat the enemy easily. On the map, there is a dangerous red area that you should stay away from if you want to survive. Aside from that, do not get close to any person who is stronger than you. It’s possible to dash if necessary. From the small arsenal that you are provided, you can switch and select whatever without difficulty. Customize your character and set the name to begin right now! Style


Use WASD or arrows to move, Space to dash, LMB to shoot. Scroll or press Q or E to change weapons.

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