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About Facepunch.io:

Facepunch.io is one of the top classic io games. It is a simple combat except that you have to apply a good strategy to your fists in order to beat the rival decisively. From the success that you achieve, you can rank up and get closer to the goal that you want that is to become the best boxer. It is not easy since you are about to join an intense match along with tons of aggressive and cunning players at once. After you embark on your task, you should step onto a ring and get ready to knock out other champions with your powerful punches and even devastating power-ups. Do not ignore collecting blobs and fill up your own ultimate meter. When it is full, you can check your special skills without difficulty. They are really important to bring you to a higher position on the leaderboard. Let’s enjoy and see if how long you will be the King!


Use the mouse to move, Space or LMB to punch, RMB or W to choose the ultimate skills.

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