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About Evilgame.io:

Play Evilgame.io, a horror Io game, and totally dominate the playing field! You will start as a commander of an army and compete against other parties to become the top player. To climb up to the highest position and rule the new world, you need to take over as many areas as possible in the shortest time. Aside from that, you should destroy the bases of the enemy. If you are successful, squares that they have controlled will belong to you. The more tiles you have, the quicker you can point. While moving around the map, watch out bombs because they can blast away everything you achieve. In Evilgame.io, neutral cities are harder for you to occupy. But, they will bring back to you more advantages if you conquer those locations. Besides, remember to defend your territory. The foe will break into and strike it. Let’s engage the match and check your tactic now!


Use the mouse or arrow keys to move and use the mine.

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