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About Dupl.io:

It is simple to win Dupl.io game by collecting enough 450 points! You will take part in a multiplayer challenge which is set on a large map. You are able to compete against tons of opponents from around the world. And, you should figure out the most appropriate strategy to beat all of them before they do the same for you. You need to know that it is not easy to conquer the top spot. The difficulty will soon appear after you spawn. Firstly, you will look around the playing field and find some tiles which have white dots on their surface. Then, you can interact with these marks to increase them in number. When they turn into 4, they will auto duplicate. They create other 4 blocks in directions. They can capture the adjacent land. From that progress, your territory is expanded. Do not only focus on that job! Otherwise, you can prevent the foe from invading. Good luck!


Left click blocks having white dots to grow them.

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