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DRILLZ.IO is an exciting RPG adventure game filled with upgrades, in which, you will play as a man who is equipped with a simple tool. Work hard and you will collect all of the most valuable supplies in the new world and become the top player. Indeed, you are going to take part in a funny journey and a brutal challenge where you have to complete your task as soon as possible if you want to rank up and dominate the leaderboard. Aside from that, you should protect your life until the end. In every stage, you will receive similar missions. Firstly, do not forget to move carefully while finding a tree. Mine it or more to gather wood. Fill up the bar at the top of the screen and you can unlock another level with a better item. Additionally, the difficulty will be increased. Besides, you can be attacked by some aggressive guys. You can run away or counterattack if necessary. Finally, you are allowed to place blocks and build a base. Good luck!


Use LMB to drill, attack, and remove blocks. Press TAB to open your inventory. Hit WASD to move around the map.

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