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About game is available for you to engage the new challenge with multiple players on the same map. Try to own the strongest dot and unlock the highest level to dominate and become the King as fast as possible! If you want to achieve victory, do not ignore eating. You can roam around the playfield and pick up passively generating pellets. Like Agario style, consuming them will help you begin to gain more mass quickly. However, everything will be set again when you step into another stage. In other words, your item will shrink and you have to scale up more. Moreover, you should note that the bigger can attack and swallow the little easier. Once you are about to reset, choose a safe place or you can be killed by those guys immediately. You can boost your speed to flee. Or, you can use the same way to chase others. Good luck!


Use the mouse or arrows to move around, Space or LMB to speed up.

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