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About is an awesome tower defense game with more features. It is the cool sequel to the first chapter known as Play against multiple rivals on the same map you need to try to survive and become the best player. Before you achieve that final victory and dominate the leaderboard, you should complete gathering natural resources such as wood or stone after you mine trees and rocks. As well, you are able to craft many essential items like a pickaxe or other tools. Even, you can make some weapons. From materials you gain during your trip, you will have the chance to build a base, houses, and other structures. Besides, you are recommended to defy the environment. In other words, hunger, wild animals, and monsters can beat you whenever. When you stay alive, you can unlock upgrades and progress. If you team up with allies, you will win easier!


Press WASD keys to move, Space to charge and jump, LMB to attack or choose items, LMB and Shift to use items in secondary mode, Shift to sneak, Q to drop items, R to recycle buildings, E to mount or unmount weapons and turrets.

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