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About is a 2D shooter game that you can build the own tower defense and expand your territory while fighting against multiple enemies at a time. Choose a skin and step into a new playing field with strangers around the world. Take control of a helicopter and use it to explore as well as conquer the whole map. To become the top player, you need to be the owner of the largest area. It is not easy to finish your goal since you will be attacked continuously. Choose a point and put up walls. Link them together and you can create a small kingdom. You can make it larger later. However, you are forced to keep it safe always because others will approach and break lines by using their machine gun. Additionally, dodge projectiles and survive. Level up and you can unlock upgrades to your aircraft or buildings along with superpowers. Good luck!


Use WASD to fly, RMB or Space to build, LMB to shoot, 1-7 to select upgrades.

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