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Play, a cool classic game, and put your name in the first place on the leaderboard as soon as possible! Try to collect the highest score to climb up to the top spot! Similar to the style of TRON, you will enter the new map with a cycle. Take control the own special vehicle and navigate the grid. While you are moving around the map, you are able to leave a long light trail or more. If you have ever played, you can compare and know that the function of the line that you create behind your back can be a deadly trap. Indeed, they are obstacles or walls or borders which restrict and even kill anybody running into. Earn points and rank up! If you encounter the same situation, immediately turn and avoid for survival. Additionally, speeding up promptly is effective to chase. Take part in the racing and conquer every challenge to be the champion!


Use WASD or arrows to steer, Space or LMB to speed up.

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