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About is a brand new io game like Diep style. Play FFA or work together with other friends in a team and get ready to beat all of the enemies existing on the map as soon as possible in order to be the leader. Discover another world set in space where is filled with dangerous asteroids moving slowly and tons of power-ups. Here, you are able to check out your shooting skill and other abilities without paying a penny. Fly around the small playfield with a spaceship and you should act cautiously. Do not forget to react quickly if you get troubles! However, you can fire and take out anybody you want. Watch out! Keep staying away from the Boss! He can remove you in the short time. To achieve the goal, you are recommended to understand what is inside the class that you choose at the beginning. They have not the same stats. Have fun!


Use the mouse to move, LMB or Space to shoot.

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