Connect 4 IO

- in Multiplayer Games

About Connect 4 IO:

Connect 4 IO is an addicting fun classic game in which you are able to play with a random opponent or create a private room and compete with your friend without cost. Enter the playfield and you should be prepared to beat upcoming challenges. To become the winner, you need to be the first player who can set a row which containing four of the same items. After you connect with the other, you are able to drop a token and make it fall into the spot or the empty space that you want. After that, it is the turn of the rival. You are recommended to observe and guess the step that he can implement. While you are trying to put down your object in their position, spend a little time to block the progress of the other or trap him. You can combine everything you have vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Attempt to escape from the chaser and you will have the opportunity to win. Good luck!


Left click and drop tokens in their spots.

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