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CastleArena.iois a free-to-play RPG multiplayer strategy Io game. Enter an arena and take the role of a commander. Play against the random opponent and show up your skill to defend your castle while trying to demolish the enemy’s fortress as soon as possible. In order to complete the mission and dominate the land, you should learn abilities of cards at the bottom of the screen after you spawn. They represent the army, buildings, and other forces like Barracks, ArcheryRange, WitchsHut, engineers, snipers, and so on. When you have enough wood or gold, you are able to pick out whatever that you want. Remember to place them at the appropriate spots! Aside from that, the point that you collect will allow you upgrade the income, resource, training time, unit count, unit attack, and much more. Always keep an eye on the other side to grasp the existing situation. From that, find out the correct solution. Good luck!


Left click to choose the card and drag them or use 1-8. Click the arrow to upgrade abilities.

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