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About is another thrilling Battle Royale game related to a brutal fight taking place in an abandoned city. In the new map, you will have the chance to check your shooting skill solo or work together with strange friends in a team. Even though whatever you choose to act, you need to master your pistol and become the last player standing. Spawn and wander around the playfield as you wish and do not forget to keep you safe from the enemy’s onslaught. Otherwise, they will kill you and surpass your position on the leaderboard easily. During the journey that you join, you are able to collect tons of power-ups along with upgrades such as medkits, guns, shotguns, and even powerful rocket launchers. They are actually essential to regain the HP you lost and remove the other guys faster. Note that you are being covered by a very poisonous gas. Quickly run to the circle in which you are protected! Have fun!


Press WASD or arrow keys to move around the map. Hit LMB to shoot, E to pick up items, T to chat, L to open the leaderboard.

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