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About game is available for you to play on PC or on mobile devices. You will be brought to a crazy naval combat in which you will join in a great survival challenge against multiple players around the world. Your mission is to become the last standing man. You need to destroy all of the enemies along with their aircraft and ships as fast as possible if you want to dominate the top spot and collect the highest score. During the time when the battle occurs in the ocean, you have to find out proper strategies to deal with every dangerous situation and keep you safe from the stronger foe. Keep moving will help you a lot. It will allow you to avoid hits and make the others difficult to act or attack you while they are chasing you. Do not forget to work together with your team! Fortunately, your vehicle will be healed automatically. Make sure you can prevent every opponent while it recovers. Good luck!


Use RMB to move around the map, LMB to shoot.

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